The last three weeks the puppies have gone true a total change.
The last couple of days they have developed personality. They are no longer satisfied with staying in the puppy box all the time. They want to get out on the floor. They still walk a bit unsecure. But they have a closer contact to each other. They bite each other, shake each other, kick with the paw, growl, bark, try to jump, lay on the bag feeling comfortable after a meal from mother Maise.

They have become more aware of us. Like to be taken up, seek more and more contact. You can sit and talk to them and watch them take notice. They try to understand the human language!

This weekend we’ll break down the wall! Remove the boards that separate the puppy box from the room they are in right now. Very soon they can move around freely. And soon they will go out into the kitchen and then to the garden.
The litter gets real food
Kennel Blue Berry mainsite