The puppies are now two and a half weeks old. Their senses are well developed and they discover quickly, if Maise or we pass by the puppy box.

In order for us to get some sleep, we therefore moved them all to the room between the bedroom and the kitchen. The grown dogs and we sleep in the bedroom again, and from there we can hear if the pups cry. So we take Maise to them and feed them – and return to ours beds.

The pups have had their nails cut, so poor Maise won’t get torn.
Five of the coming puppy owners have come to visit us, and some have wishes for owning a certain pup in the litter. It will be our job to see if we can fulfill everybody’s wishes.

The puppies are still getting on very well in weight, and are over 2 kg. now. So now it is time to give Maise a break by feeding them a couple of times every day. The feeding will be increased to five or six times a day.
Maise is seeing if they are all there.
The box is what like it used to, but the light is brighter in the new room.
"Everything OK down there?"
Maise not quite happy with us moving the puppies.
Anyway, the pups have to be fondled and taken care of!
Watch videoclip of Maise and the M-litter
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