The puppies are now two weeks, but most of the changes have come within the last two days.

Everybody have eyes open and they all walk around on four legs. More or less stable! – but absolutely purposive. Especially when mother Maise is near by. They have become very much aware of each other, of us and of the big bowl with food that is for Maise. So much, that we have given it some thoughts, when to begin feeding them for real.

They have grown more social and they seek contact. Sit and fondle each other or bite each other in the ears. And they come to us, when we are at the puppy box. So they like to be fondled on the stomach or massaged on the back. This is when the imprinting on humans start, and we do everything possible to have them all in hands.

They have also become more explicit in their language, for instance when they need food at night. So they howl or bark loudly, until Maise appears. A bit of colic is told by whining so loud, that you might think someone has stepped on them!

They are everywhere in the puppy box. When Maise or we are sitting just outside the box, they are close to climbing the fence to get out. Suppose the box soon needs another board to prevent that.
They are still healthy and nice. Have tripled their weight and are still getting on.
So we are very pleased.

The first people who should buy the puppies have been here and the calendar is slowly getting booked for the future. It is satisfying for the puppy buyers at least to be aloud to come and see and touch their future Old English Sheepdog.
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