The litter is one and a half week old and they really develop.
They are starting to get on their legs and eagerly practice walking. Their eyes have been closed until now, but now they open like tiny cracks peeping out at the world. This happens from day to day.
Maise would like to sit up and feet them all. She tries, but they are still too small to reach her. With nine pups in the litter it takes the entire row. So we have to lay her down and roll her to provide milk-supplies for everybody.
When the puppies were new born it was natural to feed Maise up in the puppy box.
Since she seemed to be sick, she preferred being feed by hand instead of putting her head in the bowl! Aren't you ready to do anything for a mother to nine pups, who has an enormous need for food.
But the problem is, Maise still wants her food served that way, and the puppies have begun to show interest for her food bowl. So very soon she has to get used to eating from a bowl in stand.
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