1-week birthday is getting closer for the M-litter. May not seem much to talk about, but the first couple of weeks are very sensitive. Something that affects us people.
Only little things should go wrong to change everything, and we are indeed aware of irregularities in the perfect pattern.

About the puppies: They are very well. Getting on fine in weight, and right now they have increased their weight of birth with 200 grams or more. They are healthy, heavy and firm to hold. Have lots of energy and strength. Good appetite and natural peace when the stomach is full.

About Maise: She has had a bit of a tough time. Bitches normally have higher temperature after birthing. Something that apparently comes as a surprise to us every time and makes us worry. Today the fewer fell for the first time since birthing to the point of normal. That made us very happy!
It is also normal that bitches bleed after birthing. But some days there was lots of fresh blood, and we worried again.
Luckily the bleeding stopped buy it self, as it normally does.
Maise has had a heavy breathing and it was warm in the puppy room. To relief her from the heat, Birte gave her a short cut today. That made Maise very happy. Furthermore it is easier for us to keep her clean. She still needs to dig in the garden, and now there is not so much dirt and soil left in her coat.

In short terms: Things are moving in the right direction, and the nine puppies are really doing fine. They seem calm and sensible. The pigmentation on their noses is slowly coming, and their sense of smelling is quickly developing. They react promptly as Maise enters their room.
We are indeed looking forward to the next weeks with the litter.

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