A newborn mother like Maise has to learn how to manage a litter of nine puppies.

Since her birthing she has done super. She stays calmly in the puppy box, is careful when moving around, cleans the box and is careful without being hysterical.

We had to teach her the reason for lying completely down on one side, when the small ones need to drink. That gives access to both rows in the milk bar. She wouldn't do that in the beginning, because she felt it was more important to clean the puppies.

But we laid her down very quietly every second hour during the night, and now she has got the point. She lays sideways herself now. It also gives her a change to get some sleep when giving milk.

During the birthing some of the placentas were not willing to come out with the puppies. Maise had some medicine to solve this, and they come out slowly.
She also had a high temperature, so we are giving her penicillin.

The puppies are so wonderful. We are always nervous about the first two weeks. How will they develop? Will they gain weight? We can tell, they have all gained more than 50 grams of weight since birth. That made us very happy this morning, where we were tired after one night watching life in the puppy box. One of us sleeps next to the litter every night. This brings security for her and us. We are able to react, if things go wrong.

The pictures on this site have been taken to day, 3th of May, and yesterday - as we promised. You can see every puppy right after birth.

Finally: Many, many people have phone us or sent emails to congratulate with the litter. This really warms our hearts. Thank you for being so kind to us!
Kennel Blue Berry mainsite
Two pictures taken this morning. Upper one shows Maise in the puppy box, watching the babies.

Below: Puppies drinking milk.

00.23: male - 525 grams.
00.45: bitch - 445 grams.
01.00: male - 485 grams.
02.50: bicth - 540 grams.
03.50: male - 435 grams.
05.25: male - 460 grams.
07.00: bitch - 470 grams.
07.30: bitch - 425 grams.
10.05: bitch - 550 grams.