Misty has been to obedience-training. We started in Puppy-class and this autum it is all about Class 1. She is very attentive and loves the training. So Birte really enjoys to go with her (as long as it doen's rain!).
The other day trainer in the OES-club Hans Ove Pedersen arranged an OES-obedience-day in Sorgenfri close to Copenhagen.
You could join your dog and have an obedience-test - just for fun. Erik Overbye and Gry Kjærulf judged the dogs.
We went there, and Birte took Misty to puppy-class test.
They did a great performance - and Misty thought it was wonderfull to be out there; there were lots of other dogs to play with!
Misty did a nice lay-down test. She waited nicely for Birte to return.
Go-seek test. Judged Erik Overbye placed a goodie in the grass and Misty was to find it.
The attention is perfect, when it goes to sitting next to Birte.
Of course one can do the retreive-test - as long as it is Misty's favorite Teddy that has to be fetched.

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