The English OES Club celebrated its 125th years birthday and invited all to a weekend full of show, social gathering and seminar in Swindon, not so far from London.
Herdis and I decided to go, but first we spent three busy days in London.
Since we had both been to London several times, we agreed to see some of the not too familiar places.
The first day we took the train to the docks, saw the shopping center and the museum and then went by train to the southern area, where we visited the Mudchute Yard – a farm in the middle of the city. We walked to Island Garden and slipped through the walking tunnel under the river Themes to Greenwich.
Greenwich is an idyllic suburb of London.
We saw the observatory and the longitude that divides the world into east and west. Finally we headed for the well-known city of London.
Thursday we did a walk in Hyde Park, a huge park, were dogs are allowed to run free in the main part of the area.
This is the southern part of London, which also includes the Harrods store. Naturally we had to go there and watch the pet department. You could buy fashion cloth for dogs if you had money enough.
We then took Kings Road to the Saatchi Gallery (modern art) and further on to the botanical garden, Chelsea Physics Garden – the oldest botanical garden in England.
In the evening we went to see the musical "Lion the King".
Friday we headed for east London. We first saw Saint Bartholomew the Great – known from the book "The Pillars Of The Earth". Then we took a look at the huge meat market, the Smithfield Market. Inside there were lots of pictures on the walls telling the story of the marketplace. We noticed a drawing showing an Old English Sheepdogs among horses.
Next stop was the Geffrye Museum, which showed furnishing from the 1100 Century to our time, and gardens from the same period. It was a fine museum, really worth visiting.
We finally took a walk along the canal leading back to London Town. WE visited Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and National Gallery.
The painting of an OES on Smithfield Market.
From the yard Mudchute to the skyscrapers in Dockland.
Birte at the Themes.
Greenwich Market.
A view from Greenwich to the buildings in Dockland.
Birte in Hyde Park.
Three Golden Retrievers in a typical London-house near Harrods.
Herdis lokking at dogs clothing in Harrods.
Herdis in the botanical garden in Chelsea.
A garden in the Geffrye Museum.
Intrance to
Bartholomew the Great church.
Walking along the chanal in the north east part of London.
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Saturday we left London by train to Swindon, where the OES-club arrangement took place.
Finally a couple of pictures from Piccadilly Circus in London.