Three puppies form our M-litter are having a great time joining the same puppy class in Sorgenfri, north of Copenhagen.
Since the beginning of August Mishka, Fie and Mulle have worked together on the class that is guided by Hans Ove Pedersen and Henry HĂžitbjerg.
Saturday we went to look at the class. They are halfway now. So Hans Ove thought they should try a little "halfway test". The puppies should show their abilities in: showing teeth, go in lead, lay down and go fetch.
And boy did we, the breeders, get impressed about how good the dogs and their owners were.
Gyrithe is an experienced OES-owner, and she has trained obedience and agility for many years. From the first day she and John had Mulle in their home, they trained to obtain the attention from the puppy, using goodies and kind words. So we were not extremely surprised to see how really fine, they handled the little test. Fine contact and great desire to work. Well, Mulle didn't feel like fetching the teddy that was thrown. But she certainly will another day.
Mulle is admiring her mum, Gyrithe, while judge Gry is telling about the test.
Gyrithe with Mulle.
Fie is Monika's first dog. But several times already she has shown, how fine contact she has to her puppy. She is working concentrated and with an ease. Understands when to praise and when to birch. She is a natural when it comes to getting the dog's attention.
Watching the two of them walking in lead was a dream. Monika had a fine speed and all the time she was aware of Fie. Fie was looking up, admiring her leader. Both were happy and enthusiastic, and the final result was super.
After the test it was time to roll around in the grass for Fie and Mulle.
Fie and Monika are relaxing, while the others are getting tested.
Wonderful late summer sun in Sorgenfri Slotspark.
Mulles "big sister", Tubbe, was 10 years old Saturday.
The sun was shining over Sorgenfri Park, and we had a warm feeling inside as we left the training-ground. How wonderful to see "our" pups and their owners getting along so beautiful together.
PS: Mulle's "big sister", Tubbe, was 10 years old Saturday. She was also in the park, with flags in her hair.
Congratulations to her!
Litter-brother, Mishka, unfortunately didn't manage to get to Sorgenfri Slotspark Saturday. But you should see him on the puppy class anyway we think. He is the one standing to the right with owner Lars. And he is the one somewhere in the OES-bunch to the left! Thanks for the pictures, Elena!
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