The L-litter is 1-year-old 14th of September. But since Birte is going to USA we celebrated the day before and went for a walk on Hundige Beach. Four of the small ones from the M-litter came: Mishka, Sofus, Coco and Minos. Four of the dogs celebrating birthday came: Luna, Toddi, Ludvig and Alonso. Maise and Lukas were the only ones to represent the K-litter, and mother/grandmother Misty had lots to do managing her huge family!
After a nice walk long the beach and in the sand dunes we had coffee and birthday cake for the two-leggers and goodies for the dogs.
There was also time to put the dogs on the grooming table. Now is about to be the time for the M-litter dogs to have hair removed from within their ears.
Thank you for a wonderful tour to all of you (some drove a long way to get there) and big Congratulations to the L-litter.
There were pictures taken of the four L-litter dogs (after bathing and playing!) and those who couldn't come were asked to send us photos.
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Lukas, Luna, Ludvig, Toddi, Coco, Alonso, Misty, Maise, Sofus, Mishka and Minos on Hundige Beach.
Four L-litter-dogs: Ludvig, Luna, Toddi, Alonso and mother Misty.