Conrad, 14 months old dog from our K-litter, has changed family. His old family unfortunately had to moved to a place, where dogs are not allowed.
So we had to find Conrad a new home.
We had several reactions from families who wanted to take care of the wonderful dog.
Sunday Conrad was driven to Annette and Per Jensen in AllingÄbro in Jutland. They are used to Old English Sheepdogs, so we are quite sure that Conrad shall have a fine home here.
The first day in his new home Conrad went for a walk and visited Emma, a 3 years old OES-bitch who lives in the village. They played and had a good time.
The new family has decided, that Conrad shall keep his name, but it must be spelled with a K instead of C.
We wish Annette and Per lots of luck with Konrad in the time to come.
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