The dogs got a great bathing-day at the beach and we had a wonderful day i Klint on Sjællands Odde Saturday.
Lone and Per, who have Simba from our N-litter had invited us up in their rented holiday cottage in Klint together with Susanne, Arne, Sofie and Uffe, who have Simba’s litter brother, Luffe.
We arrived in the morning and Simba welcomed us at the gate. The nice house is placed a few steps from the sea. Lone and Per said hello to us on the terrace, which has a perfect view over the sea. We had a warm cup of coffee and home-bakery, and Lone came with goodies for the dogs.
So we went for a walk along the beach. Luffe is a famous water-lover. He nearly throughs himself into the waves! He sprinted up and down the beach together with brother Simba. Mother Maise also got carried away, while Alonso took care of the many new smells up on the beach. Grandmother Misty enjoyed the walk i her own speed.
After a really great trip in wonderful November sunny weather, Lone and Per invited us inside their house for lunch. The dogs relaxed, while we enjoyed delicious food and great company.
Thank you all for a perfect day, and especially to Lone and Per who invited us!
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Maise, Simba and Luffe in the waves.
The beach in Klint is really wonderful and a perfect place for the dogs.
Sofie, Susanne and Birte.
Luffe and Maise.
Luffe watching what Uffe is doing.
We met a dog, and Alonso is saying hello.
Luffe running along the beach. He really loves the sea!
We all went for a great trip along the beach.
The dogs enjoyed each others company.
Even in November it is great with a bath.
Uffe and Simba watching Arne blowing soap bubbles.
Heading for the beach.
Per on the terrace and Alonso checking the view.
Lone came with goodies for the doggies.