Jeannie and Tomas planned vacation in the middleeast, so we had the opportunity to take care of their most cherished possession - Kevin, puppy from our K-litter.
Maise was happy about the reunion with her brother, and Kevin soon found his place in the pack. Even though it's been some months since he lived in our house, it went beyond our expectations.
The first night was a bit restless, but after than everything was perfect.
Kevin arrived at our place in full coat. But Jeannie and Tomas had some troubles with knots and Kevin's coat was actually collapsed. They had tried to cut the worst away. But it was not enough.
Jeannie and Tomas had told us that they had reserved time for a professional to cut the coat. We know, that this means a very short machine-cut. Rough for a furred dog during the cold wintertime.
So Birte came with the scissors, while Jorgen held Kevin and tried to cheer him up .
Kevin came out much shorter-coated after several hours on the grooming-table, but very nice and still with some length in his coat.
We cannot recommend others to do the same. On the other hand we must admit, that the 11 months old puppies have coats that get really tangled up at the moment. Their coats are changing rapidly.
Advise: Hold out! Brush with a comb and a card every third and fourth day. Be thorough. It is worthwhile. Soon the puppy-coat is gone, and everything will be much easier.
Kevin and Maise on the beach
Magnus, Maise and Kevin
Misty between to of her puppies, Maise and Kevin
Maise, Moonie and behind Kevin
Kennel BlueBerry forsiden