Blue Berry’s K-litter was born March 7 - or rather from at 19 o'clock Monday evening at 7.30 Tuesday morning. It was a long time for Misty and quite exhausting for her. But she took it terrific, although it took a long time between the labour pains. Sometimes we waited up to a few hours before the next puppy was born.
We had nine puppies. Three females and six males.
Today the K-litter is 12 years old. Unfortunately, not all puppies live to celebrate this unique day, we had to say goodbye to Sazja, Keegan, Terkel and Conrad.
But we think it's great that five of the puppies are still with us and make our lives so much happier every day.
True to tradition, we have asked the families to send some pictures and text about their dog. So here comes a great tribute to Kevin, Lucas, Sigurd, Gizmo and our own Maise. Congratulations to you all!
Jeannie Hansen writes: "Kevin is still a fresh, happy dog. Kevin is not marked by age and his family plans to go south with him on summer vacation once again. Kevin gives so much joy and smiles everyday for large and small. Kevin goes to dog-swimming - that gives him exercise and relieves his legs. He is a great swimmer. The family can feel Kevin is 12 years, since he is not as quick as he used to be, he gets tired and sleeps more than before”.

Tina Groth Jensen writes: "Lucas is doing well. He is the happy and friendly dog ​​he has always been. But age starts to become visible. He has trouble keeping weight and sight and hearing is not what it has been. He is nice to everyone, people and animals, and would like to walk or drive a car. Although he can not jump up in the trunk itself".

Sanne Pilgaard Jensen writes: "All is well accepted that she is now 12 years. She has arthritis in the rear and now get pills against it. It helps, thankfully".

Carina Tolman writes: “Sigurdis well. He's a bit heavy at the rear, but our vet recommended a mattress to rest on, and it has done wonders.
Sigurd is happy, sweet, loving and very social. Sigurd "talks” much, and prefers to have the last word.
He has begun to bark to get everyone's attention. When we tell him to keep quiet he buzzes and acts.
He has so much personality and he is the world's best dog and best friend".

Maise is still as brash and puppy-like, as she has always been. But her legs will not act, like her head tells them to.
Meanwhile, her hearing has deteriorated, so we should speak very loud to make her hear what we are saying.
Maise has struggled with arthritis in the hind legs for a few years. We have helped her by giving her Metacam each morning. It has taken the pain. But she is weak in the hind legs. She can still get up on her own, but she falls easily, and she has not the speed that she used to have.
So far we have taken her on trips to the beach and in the forest together with her flock. But sometimes, we have chosen to take a short walk with her at home and then taken the othes on a long trip. She is not happy, for she loves his flock, and she's undisputed leading it. Everyone has respect for mother Maise.
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