Last night the puppies had their first real meal. Not Misty's milky-bar. Now it was time to see if they were fit for real dogs food.
Birte had soaked some dry-food, which we also give Misty, in boiled, ligtly cooled water. As the food turned soft it was blended.
We also mixed some drymilk for puppies into the mass, so it became a brown-muddy sort of gruel.
The puppies went to the new job with determination. They did not quite get the point in not walking in the food or taking a nap in the boil. But they soon found out to eat as grown dogs. Impressive, since they are not even three weeks old yet.
Finally Misty was let in, to do some cleaning in the horrible mess!
Misty worked as dishwasher and cleaning-girl after the puppie's first real meal.
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