This morning we moved the pups and whelpingbox from our bedroom to another room. They are much aware of any sound at all, so it's not easy for Misty to sleep with them. Even when she stand up and drinks water, they bark and screem: They want milk! So now we can all get our old places back in our bedroom at night. Misty is best together with the rest os us, and the other dogs are pleased with everything being as it used to.
The puppies grow fast. They get more and more interested in eachother, they start to bite after their tales and fight just a little.
They have had a cure against worms and tonight we'll for the frist time try to feet them with milkproducts and soaked dogsfoood for puppies - mixed with minted chicken. That's what Misty gets, so it's a matter of keeping the standard for the pups.
This may take some work from Misty and ease the crossing from Misty-milk to real dogfood, when time comes.
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