14 days have gone, and things really happen. The puppies have now eyes open, they walk more safely, and they are getting better to hear. They come to meet us, as we sit in the whelpingbox. They are getting interested in eachother. They growl. They bark, and they have their seats reserved at Misty's milkbar. To night they discovered, that it was not difficult to get out of the box - to the world. A smll puppy is very curious. So why not see what hides beside the fence? In a couple of days we'll move the box into another room, and during easter the puppy-buyers will come to visit the litter. It's the first time strangers come to see the puppies.
The puppies have godt their pedigree-names and have been registrated in the Danish kennel Club. This is not the names they'll be called - it's entirely up to the new families.
So are the pedigree-names:
Bitch 1: Blue Berry's Key to my heart. Bitch 2: Blue Berry's Keep me in mind. Male 1: Blue Berry's Key hole in one. Bitch 3: Blue Berry's Kiss of snowflake. Male 2: Blue Berry's Knight of the road. Male 3: Blue Berry's Keegan in mind. Male 4: Blue Berry's Kick off snowboots. Male 5: Blue Berry's Kevin the keeper. Male 6: Blue Berry's Knowing me Knowing you.
During easter more photos will be taken. We have plans to picture every puppy on it's own, so you could see the developement from birth till now.
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