Things develop fast these days. The litter is slowly getting up on their feet. It's difficult, especially when you are among the biggest in the litter. Then you tumble around..
Their eyes are beginning to show, so we think you will see a whole litter with eyes open at the next update of our site. For the moment it is only small, black cracks.
Tonight the litter started to bark for the first time! At 3-o'clock one puppy started, and the the rest of them joined. So far they have managed without beeing able to hear. But this is changing now. What's the sense of barking, when you can't hear how tough you are!
Their noses are pure magic, and we are amased how much they are able to sense with their two pink nostrils (which by the way are slowly turning black). If you go into their room, they smell it right away. But if you are in the same room as them, they don't notice you moving around. Then there are no new smells in the room.
Very exiting, we think. During the next couple of weeks there will be lots of more life in our house. As soon as they can both see and hear it is not possible to sneak around in their room anymore. It also means they'll have to get used to the fact that our pressence doesn't mean eatingtime every time.
First moves are the hardest ones..
But when you are up there, the way leads to the milk-bar!
Exercise makes even a puppy tired.
The eyes are slowly opening. The photo was taken yesterday. To day they all look like this. The pigmentation is coming on well. The pink noses are turning black, just as they should.
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