Six pups from the K-litter met for the first time since their separation at 8 weeks in our place this weekend. The litter is 11 weeks old the 23rd of May.
As a pre-beginning of the puppy-school in the OES-club, instructor Malene Thorup Pedersen agreed to show us, a little bbit of what's going on in the school, who folow the click-principal. We were very pleased about that. Furthermore we found this was a perfect time to give some grooming-lesson and have some talk about everyday-problems - and joy with the puppy.
Tina came from Slagelse, Jeannie and Tomas came from Næstved, Marina and René came from Roskilde, and we brought our maise together with Knight and Keegan, who have not yet found new homes.
At first the pups did a fast run in our garden. Voices were loud, since it was some time, since they last were together. Rank had to be reestablished.
Then Malene took us to a lane and showed some obedience-tricks to do with the puppies.
It was really good, and many cought interest in the forthcoming puppy-school.
We finished with a coup of coffee in our garden. Weather was nice and warm. The chokolate-bisquits melted in the sun, while we talked about our pups, and the six K-litter-mates played in the garden and had a great time as well. Misty enjoyed seeing her pups again. They had a loving welcome but were told to stay cool and keep their places in the pack.
Keegan and Conrad meet. Behind is Kevin (left) and Lucas.
Kevin on the groomingtable while Birte gives Jeannie (left) some good advices.
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