It is monday the 2nd of May and time to leave for the first of our pups.
The last week has been very buissy - and both of us twolegged had the flue!
Wednesday the puppies were mentaltested and had a healthcheck.

Vet Bente Iversen tested each pup in the litter carefully and gave good advices to tell the new families.

Bente Iversen told us, that the pups in generel "were well put together mentally" and their health was OK.
Before and after the test the pulse is taken.
Friday morning it was off for Karlslunde Vet-clinic, where vet Mogens Aalund should eyetest the litter. He's a specialist in dog-eyes. It was quite a job to get the nine pups out of the car to the clinic and back again- but they did very well and all had perfect eyes.
Saturday the Falch family form Ærø came to visit us. They brought Victor (I-litter) and Lunte (J-litter).
We have not seen them since the christmasshow, where Lunte was baby-puppy. So it was exciting to see, how he had developed.
Victor looks likke her mother Moonie and Lunte was a nice mix of daddy Magnus and mum Misty. It was a very nice day. We went for a walk with the big dogs and played with the small ones.Victor and Lunte did super together with the pups. It's fine for the puppies to have tontact with other dogs than our own pack.
We tried to take the one and only litter-photo. They should all sit in the big dogbasket, but even though we had lorts of helpers, it was impossible. The run off!
Right now the pups are sleeping, not knowing about the new challenges to come for the fives of them this week.
Maise stays with us and still keeps company with Keegan, Kevin and Knight, untill we finde the right families for them.
Victor and Lunte behind him on our forest-road.
Left it is Victor getting visit of Maise and beside its is Lunte. They managed the pup super! Right Birte gives a grooming-lesson, and belov we try to take the litter-photo of all in one - without any luck!
Finally a couple of photos of Lunte from our J-litter (We haven't heard from Anton for a while. He has moved with his family to Münich and we still wait for them to send us photos of him).
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