Keegan In Mind - called Keegan. Knowing Me Knowing You - called Lucas.
Theres three days between some of the takes on this site, and on this short tim lots of things havs changed.
We are in the 6th week, and quriosity to the world outside is increasing as well as the order in the clan is on the daily agenda. They are dominant one at a time and overall we are very pleased with their temperament. They have occupied our garden and love to investigate every single corner.
More pics to come, but first we bring you some portraits including names and call-names (if they have one at the monent).
Knight Of The Road
Kick Off Snowboots - called Conrad. Keep Me In Mind - called Gizmo.
Key-hole In One - called Sigurd. Key To My Heart
Kiss Of Snowflake - called Maise. Kevin The Keeper - called Kevin.
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