Life is filled with new challenges - especially when you are a nearly 6 months old puppy. From being just 'a litter' each one of them is developing it's own personality. Their place in the hieracy is being greated at the moment. It stands clear, because there is heavy fighting going on one minute and tender caresses the next.
They also explore the world. We let them into our entire garden the other day and the really liked it.
As a matter of fact they were very dissapointed when they were carried back to their room to sleep for the night. They wanted more.
That gave us people a few serious challenges!
They bite trees and leaves. They dig the soil. They roll in the grass and their instinct for hunting is getting stronger. Won't be long, before they chase eachother round in the garden.
Several times a week people come to visit the puppies. They are in hands, and they love it already.
The household-maschinery is also worth looking at.
The hover might be very noisy, but it is exciting. The coffee-grinder sounds just like the blender, used for making puppy-food: So better make some noise, that the people may hear the nine hungry pups!
The car of the ice-man annoys the old dogs, so they bark. For a puppy this is the time to run into the cave (house) and hide.
They also had bones served, it began with three pups eating one bone, but soon the smartest ones ran off with the bones to the other end of the garden.
We enjoy the litter (even though we are tired at sunset!), and so does Misty who is working hard graduating the nine ones, who prefer eating from her to lying next to her playing.
But this will change soon, we think.
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