More than five weeks have gone with the K-litter. Their personalities are really coming up, and now is the time it gets harder for us people to realise that they have to go to other families at the age of 8 weeks. But now is also the time you enjoy every second with the nine pups very much.
More about that at the next update of our website.
Now it is time to present each puppy with pedigree-names and names to be called (those who have one at the moment).Belov are the puppies in the order they were born.
Bitch: Blue Berry's Key To My Heart Bitch: Blue Berry's Keep Me In Mind
Male: Blue Berry's Key-hole In One
Bitch: Blue Berry's Kiss Of Snowflake
Male: Blue Berry's Knight Of The Road Male: Blue Berry's Keegan In Mind
Male: Blue Berry's Kick Off Snowboots
Male: Blue Berry's Kevin The Keeper Male: Blue Berry's Knowing Me Knowing You - called Lucas
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