The first day and night went well. Misty had some afterpains and was a bit restless, for the vet gave her medicin to remove any rests of placenta from the birth.
The daytime in the puppybox has been as pleasant as you could dream of. We have enjoyed the nine puppies' persistent work getting something to eat and getting rid of it again! No bad stommacks. Fine stommacks. We cross our fingers!
Nine puppies is a lot. But Misty managed it all in her loving and wise manner. She enjoys the puppies and is very proud, when we sit next to her and admire her children.
Phone has been ringing all day, emails have been popping up from Denmark and abroad. It has moved us a lot, so many of our good friends have been aware of Mistys pregnancy and the birth of the K-litter; people who gratulated us.
Thank you all, so were much!
Pictures were taken to day as well. In mixed order depending on which puppy was sleeping, which one was eating. There will be more to follow very soon!
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