Nine puppies with an average weight of 430 grams. Tre bitches and six dogs, and they all look very nice and behave like they have been running on their feet for days allready!
Blue Berry's K-litter was born 7th of March - or more presicely: From 7 oclock PM Monday to 7,30 AM Tuesday. A very long tim for Misty and very strenous for her. But she acted bravely, even if lots of time went in between the labour pains. A copule of times we had to wait more than two hours from one puppy as born untill the next appeared.
But it all went well. Today the vet will come by to tjek if Misty and her puppies are allright.
Misty is slowly regaining appetite after she had a period of about a some weeks were she didn't like food at all - that is: she ate a little lambsteak, roastbeef and other good things!
We shall very soon be back with more news about the Kennel Blue Berry K-litter.
The pictures belov are brought in the order the puppies were born. They were taken just after the birth. That's why the puppies still have wett coat.
Bitch Bitch Dog
Bitch Dog Dog
Dog Dog Dog
Misty with her litter. She is simply so happy about having puppies again - and she is lying with the kids all day long enjoying beeing a mother.
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