During the last months we have had small or greater event concerning OES'. Click on the links below to lead you to the stories in our site.
Neo from our O-litter became father to a wonderful litter at Kennel Great Danish in Sweden the 22nd of Mai. We had no time to visit them pups before we went on vacation to France, but indeed we went there after the holiday!
The litter consists of eight puppies – one male and seven bitches. Mother to the litter is Selma, CH Great Danish True Fairy Tale.
We went to see the litter the first time when they were five weeks old and still inside the house because of bad weather.
A couple of weeks later we went there again – and watched them playing in the garden.
Now we look forward following the puppies, especially the two of the bitches that go to Denmark.

Louis from our L-litter should have a new home – and he has got one close to us, in Roskilde with Mette and Peter. Not so long ago they lost 11 years old Molly from the I-litter.
We went to seem them and it was a wonderful reunion.
Louis is just as sweet as he looks on photos. He is skinny but Mette and Peter will handle that, for sure.

One of the many lovely summer evenings we have had we met with Simba, Luffe (N-litter) and Smilla and their families in Hareskoven.
After a walk in the woods we lit the barbecue, and while the dogs searches for goodies that we threw in the grass, we enjoyed our dinner.

Neo with family came to see us one day from Ystad in Sweden. Birte trimmed his coat and we had a great time with dinner in our house.

Saturday we had a puppy-meeting for the P-litter at Lis and Lars in Hvalsø.
Five of the 19 months old 'puppies' came together with their families.
We started with a walk over the cornfield, then did some grooming and finally enjoyed coffee and talked about dogs.

Friday Luffe from the N-litter came to our house to stay a couple of weeks, while his family is on vacation in Italy. Furthermore Coco from the M-litter came, but she only stayed until Sunday.
Five OES' is a huge group of dogs. Takes something extra to walk them and to get everybody on the right places during the night.

Meeting nice and happy puppies is always a great joy. But life also has it's darker sites.
During the last couple of months both Iris, Molly and Fnuggi (I-litter) have said farewell to this world. Tired after a long and wonderful life.
Even though they leave us all with an empty space, we have to accept that life is not eternal.
And it sure feel harder, that Lunte (J-litter) had to be put away because of cancer – only eight years of age.
We know how you feel loosing your beloved dogs, and we are so grateful that you have given 'our puppies' a wonderful life.

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