Our Christmas tour took place on December 10th in Roskilde and was a very positive experience. The nine OES and two mixed breed dogs caused a stir on the pedestrian street in Roskilde, and although the trip from our base and down to Stændertorvet could be done in 10 minutes, it took considerably longer. For all passersby would greet, clap and talk and hear what it was for some wonderful dogs, we were out walking with.
We met – as we normally do - at Hestetorvet. Along for the ride this time the guests are from Amsterdam. Gerda and Hein, who have Roover from our P-litter and the two hunting dogs, had decided to take a trip to Denmark. They stayed at the hotel in Roskilde, visited us on Friday and joined us on the trip Saturday.
From Tåsinge came Bodil and Einar with Nanna, and Ulla and Erling, who are waiting to get an OES, came from Odense. They borrowed our Maise on the trip.
From Hvalsø came Lis and Lars Bo and Mie and Ann with Toddi and Nuller. Lone and Per came from Farum with Simba, and so we were there with Maise, Alonso, Snowy and Tiffany.
We walked along Algade, but stopped countless times. People were smiling and friendly and very excited about our dogs. Several shop owners remembered us from previous years and were just going out and greet us. We distributed brochures telling about the breed and made good publicity for our wonderful breed.
On Stændertorvet the group photo was taken, and then we relaxed with a glass of mulled wine.
After the trip, we drove home to our place in Herringløse where we had Christmas dinner together. Here came Arne, Susanne, Sofie and Uffe. All brought a course, and we ended with a package game.
It was a lovely Christmas trip and we are already looking forward to do it next year.
We met at Hestetorvet. Gerda with Roover tto the right.
Maise and Roover meeting. Lone holding Maise, and Roover is very careful.
Of we go along Algade - the walking street in Roskilde. In the beginning with full speed, but that was only untill people stopped us to talk and meet the dogs.
Maise, Nanna and Simba. Nuller and Toddi need a hug!
Ulla holding Maise, who's saying hello to a family passing by. Nuller and Toddi are being admired.
Tiffany, Alonso and Nanna. Stop - time to tell about the OES breed!
Our dogs also met other breeds on their way.
'Can we hug the dog?' - yes of course! Dog hugging and dog talking from all angels.
Time for a break on Stændertorvet. A family is admiring Tiffany.
Time for a cup of mulled wine. The dogs made quite a crowd at the bussy saturday-market. Nanna, Tiffany and Alonso.
We ended at our place for a christmas lunch and finally for a package game.
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