Many of us look forward to this trip every year: The Kennel Blue Berry Christmas Tour.
Some years we met in Copenhagen, but we found out that Roskilde is more spacious for the dogs, is closer for most of us – and the weather has been much better!
This year we met the 11th of December. Nine OES’ and their families met to the yearly Christmas tour.
We have had frost for quite some time now, but now it got a bit warmer and the dogs got wet, but it was nice for us two leggers.
We had a really nice walk down the main street to Roskilde Church. We met the Christmas train, Santa, reindeer, angles, musicians and many people who wanted to talk and hug the dogs.
After the walk we drove to our place in Herringløse, and had a fine lunch together and a package game, while the nine OES’ played in our house and garden.
It was a wonderful day, and we are already looking forward to next year’s Christmas tour.
We met in a central place in Roskilde.
Ludvig and Luffe meet.
Everyone is here - time for the walk!
Simba and Mishka.
Luffe and Murphy saying hello.
Misty og Alonso.
Simba meeting a Chowchow.
Nine OES' and families came to do the Christmas Tour in Roskilde.
We drove home to our place in Herringløse. Every one came with a plate for the lunch, and the dogs follow the preparation in the kitchen.
We enjoyed the lunch in our livingroom.
After lunch it was time for the package game.
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