As usual we did our Christmas-walk and Christmas-lunch afterwards Saturday before The OES Club Christmas-show.
At 11 o'clock we were 17 OES, 1 New Foundland and 27 people who met in heavy rain next to the Gefion Fountain in Copenhagen. We struggled our way along the harbor front to Nyhavn (New Haven).
In spite of the weather there were lots of people by the many Christmas stalls, and lots of people sent us kind smiles and sweet words.
On our way back to our cars we made a stop on the Queens castle. We gave the guardsmen heavy competition, when we lined up in a row all our dogs to have our picture taken.
On the picture you'll find Nanna, Mishka, Toddi, Fuzzy, Fie, Lucky, Fnuggi, Iris, Sofus, Mulle, Dusty, Alonso, Misty and Maise. Unfortunately Elvira, Rosa, Alma and Valborg didn't make it. They were elsewhere.
After the walk most of the people went to our place. Some went home first to change the wet clothes and to leave the dogs at home. Those who live to far away went directly to us, and brought their dogs.
We spent the afternoon eating a wonderful Christmas lunch. Everybody brought a plate.
There was so much, delicious food. Then it was time to play a funny packet game, and everybody was in high spirit! Everybody wanted to get their hands in the packages or some of Herdis' hand painted Christmas balls or flowerpots with OES motives.
During all this, the dogs played. Alonso was very happy to have a puppy (Fuzzy) to play with. Thanks to Ute and Gert for lending us pictures from the tour.
We met besides the Gefion Fountain.
Rained pored down as we walked along the harbor front.
We were 23 people to lunch afterwards in our home in Herringløse.
Ingebjørg from Norway in reunion with Fuzzy; the puppy they sold to Ute og Gert in Denmark.
Sunday we went to the Christmas OES show in Køge
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