Eight OES’ and families met Saturday to a do nice trip down the main street of Roskilde. The street was beautifully decorated for Christmas, and the sun was shining.
Many people who were out for shopping admired and patted our dogs. And the dogs behaved very nicely even though they normally don’t do many walks in the towns.
There was also time for us to look at shop windows and to buy things in the local market next to the cathedral.
After the walk we drove home to our place in Herringløse, where Luffe’s family and Lars Bo joined the party.
Every family brought a dish for the abundant lunch. Like we have done many times before, we ended playing the package-game. Especially the pretty Christmas-balls that Herdis had painted were popular.
During this the dogs rested under the tables, tired after the many impressions they got during the walk in Roskilde.
Thanks to everybody for a wonderful day! We made the frames, but you filled it with delicious food, presents and high spirit.
Since Dina, Nessa and Ebba should enter the dog show next day, they all came on the grooming table for a shine up, before everybody went to bed.
The next day we went to the
danish OES Club Christmas show
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We met in front of the station in Roskilde.
Ebba says hello to Dina.
Simba says hello to Sofus.
Nessa says hello to Peter!
Birte with Maise and Mie with Misty.
Peter handled our Alonso.
Per walking with Simba.
Carl and Dina, Per and Simba.
Sofus with Kit, Sofie and Esther.
Admiring Dina and Simba.
Eva with Ebba and Rie with Nessa.
Down the walking street in Roskilde.
Many came and wanted to see our dogs.
Simba, Dina, Ebba, Misty, Alonso, Nessa, Maise and Sofus with families
After the trip we had lunch and package game in our home.
Finally it was grooming time. A show was waiting the next day.