Could you be one day too young to be alowed to come in and be with the other dogs?
Simba was. Read more about it below.

In keeping with tradition the OES Christmas show was held in Køge 1st Sunday in Advent.
Judge was Australian OES breeder Chris Moore, who judged according to the Danish show rules for the first time.
We entered Alsonso and so were his sisters Luna and Toddi.
Torben handled Alonso. He got an excellent and 3rd winner in open class dogs.
Tina nicely handled Luna. She got an excellent and 2nd winner in open class bitches.
Lis handled Toddi, but the judge apparently didn’t fancy her. So Toddi had to do with a blue ribbon this time.
Ann made it as junior handler of the day an even became this year’s junior handler.
Best in breed was Adrianas nice bitch Bugaboo’s Blue Sunshine; Alex (father to our M-litter) is father to her.
Best in opposite sex was Tino – father to our L- and N-litters.

Unfortunately the N-litter was one single day too young to enter the show. So Simba had to sit and wait out side the show hall, until the show was over. Then he was allowed to go in and be together with all the dogs (!). He and his owners, Lone and Per, joined the final lunch.
Rie (the owner of Nessa from our N-litter) had driven all the way from North Jutland to follow the show. But she didn’t bring Nessa, because she could not be shown.
Kit and Sofie (owners of Sofus from our M-litter) came all the way from South Sealand to watch the show and join the lunch.
Ebba’s (former Madikken from our M-litter) owner had come the long way from North Sweden to join us. She promised that next time she would bring Ebba.
Thanks to Dorte and Dortemarie for a nice and well arranged dog show. And thanks to all of you who showed your dogs and you who simply came. You made our day!
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Lone with Simba, who had to wait outside the show room. When the show was over he was alowed to come in....
Father and son in the ring. Left is Tino, the father to our Alonso. Both were handled by Torben.
Alonso with Torben in front of the open class dogs.
Sofie took care of Simba, who waited to get inside.
Luna and Toddi.
Tina in the ring with Luna (middle).
Lis in the ring with Toddi.
Luna got a nice 2nd winner in open class bitches after Adriana's Blue Sunshine.
Ann was Junior Hanlder of the year. Here she is with her Toddi.
Thank you Preben and Per for most of the photos on this site!