Jean Gould, Kennel Rollingsea, died February 17th, 87 years old.
Jean was breeding under the kennelname Rollingsea. Many wellknown Old English Sheepdogs were born in Jeans lovely farm in Cornwall England. And many of her dogs have found the basis of well know breedings in Europe, USA and Australia.

Jean was a judge of the OES-breed, which brought her around the world. Everywhere she made friends because of her gentle mind and her big love for the breed. Friends she kept contact with throughout life by correspondence.
Jean loved to write, and besides her huge correspondence she wrote and had published two books: "All About The Old English Sheepdog" and "All About Breeding". Great books well worth seeking for.
First time I met Jean was at the danish OES Club Special show in Ishøj 1997.
Thanks to danish Hans Ove Petersen (who trained OES puppies) my daugther Lene and I entered our first OES, Krøjerups Emilie, to this special show.
That was the beginning of a long and warm friendship including several visits both in Denmark and England.

Jean was a bright storyteller, and she loved to tell about her experiences from juding all over the world. She also loved to tell about "her" dogs, beeing placed all over the world.
For her it was, of course, nice when the dogs won the shows and gained titles and trophys. However most importent for Jean was the fact that the dogs were living a life beeing cared and loved. When Jean showed pictures of her dogs, most of them were showing everyday-situations. Not showdogs.
Clear in my mind stands the Worldshow in Bella Center Copenhagen, and the danish show in Nærum the day after.
What mostly caught Jean's impression was an OES doing agility. In the middle of climbing the balance-bar the OES stopped and glanced over the field and the public. In Jeans oppionion, that was a real OES!
Jean has judged Old English Sheepdogs in Denmark several times, as well as she has come and visited our shows - as a special guest of honour.
She always enjoyed the visits, and always had a very special welcome in Denmark.
Jean has tought me to love the OES breed. Jean tought me to see the charm in every single dog.
Through Jean I have met lots of wonderfull people worldwide. Today my friends.
Last year in February I visited Jean. She was staying in a nursing home, and there was a cat living there as well. Obviously the cat was staying in Jean's room. Animals are quite clever.

I owe Jean the honour of my entire life with Old English Sheepdogs.
I am deeply greatfull to her, and her death leaves an emptyness beyond description.
Birte Fromberg
Danish OES Club special show in Ishøj 1977. Lene with Emilie. That was when we first met Jean Gould.
Below Lyn and Sue together with Jean.
The friendship with Jean led to many friendships all over the world. Above is Jean and Jenny Joice
Below Birte and Jean together last year.
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