It feels like forever. The two male-puppies are only two days old, but they move around in the puppy-box, as if they were much older.
Misty has had a hard time after the birth. The after-pains, rised temperature and a loose stomach is not funny at all for her. But it is not unusual. Everything has to get back to normal again. Slowly it's getting better.
Misty has a fine sense of taking care of her puppies. She lies beside the two pups must of the day. Feels good, pots about them and has become much better to keep them clean, without sucking them skin-less.
All is only interrupted by quick walks and 'dinner transportable' served at bedsite! One has good manners!
The puppies are enjoying life. They drink a lot of her milk and get a good sleep on the back in between. Misty doesn't approve. She likes them to stick close to her most of the time. Then she whines at the boys, but she hasn't found out that they are to young to hear - so they don't obbey her call.
Opposite to Meggie and Moonie, when they had puppies, Misty enjoys staying with her pups all day long, while the rest of the house is doing what they have to.
For us it has made things much easier. Quickly Misty has learned puppy-care. We are sure, that she'll become a super mum before the end of the week.
From Denmark and abroad we have received lots of good wishes and the interest has been huge.
Thank you all. This warms very much!
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