Above: Bigbrother (on top) and littlebrother
Above left: Birte showing Misty the first born puppy.
Below: In the morning everything was very peacefull.
Blue Berry's J-litter was - as expected - not a big one: Two nice males on nearly 600 gram were born around midnight the 10th of July. The scanning predicted two puppies, and so it turned out.
The birth was tough for Misty, who was a newcomer, and for us. One whole day went, before the labourpains appeared at 7 o'clock PM. Just around midnight the first male-puppy came in sight. Much to Misty's surprise - so she screamed quiet loudly. But soon found out that everything was in good order.
The puppy was very vigorous, and Misty ready to take care of him. So bigbrother immediately started to suck. Two hours later littlebrother made his arrival - a whiteheaded dog. The birth went much easier now, that Misty knew what it was all about.
The two puppies had a pleasant night in the milk-bar with its copious supply!
Now it's time for Misty to get used to having her puppies in the special puppy-box, yet still be away from the small ones now and then and join the other dogs in our house. Even when Meggie, Moonie and (the proud father) Magnus are standing just on the other side of the door - very curious!
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