Our I-litter was two years old February the 27th. So we invited all to go for a walk on the beach. Well knowing that most of them wouldn't show up - it's a long way for the three of them from Jutland to come and join us for a one-hour walk.
But we had the pleasure to see Molly and Fnuggi with families. It has been a long time, so it was really fun. Iris was in season, so she had to stay at home!
The weather was amazing. Blue sky and lots of warm, winter-sun. We brought our four own dogs for the trip, and Magnus ment it was time to tell Fnuggi who used to be the boss of the house in the old puppy-days. Fnuggi accepted, and then we had a wonderfull walk along the beach.
After the trip we did a coffe-table near the beach and had a really good time with coffee and cake.
A perfect day!
On the picture above it is Molly in front, then Fnuggi and behind him Magnus. Right we are having coffee and cake. Lis is sharing goodies withe the dogs, and of course have their full attention - except for Meggie, who thinks the food on the coffee-table is better.
Magnus, Misty, Moonie, Molly, Fnuggi and Meggie on the beach.
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