Iris: Blue Berry's I'am Backseat Born
Molly: Blue Berry's Irresistable Molly
Nanna: Blue Berry's Imagine Nanna
Fnuggi: Blue Berry's Indeed I'm Fnuggi
Victor: Blue Berry's Introducing Sir Victor
They are doing well, yet have some problems with rheumatism.
Four dogs from the litter joined the Nyborg Club weekend 2003, and have since then been very active participators in many arrangements in the club and with us.
As a matter of fact it was the I-litter who started the so-called Blue Berry weekend, opening in Karrebæksminde in 2004.
On our site we have several stories that one or more from the litter are part of.
Thank you very much to all you active and positive owners, who have given – and still do – your dogs a wonderful life. And thanks to all of you for the many happy moments and lifelong friendships originating in the I-litter.
Moonie with the litter, just a few days old.
I-litter puppies a few days before they were eight weeks old and had to move from us to their new families.
See the pictures here below how the lovely puppies look today.
Fnuggi together with Toddi (left) and her puppy, Nuller.
Nanna by the seaside with Kasper.
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Happy birthday to the I-litter, who is 10 years old Monday the 27th of February!
Mother to the litter was Moonie (Blue Berry's Glance Of Moonbeam) and father, Nimbus (Vigilat's Yo Soy Nimbus).
The litter was seven puppies. Four bitches and three males.
Unfortunately two of them don't live anymore.
Samson (Blue Berry's Impressed By The Moon) got liver shunt and his family struggled hard for his ife one whole year with special diets. But finally they had to stop and bring him to sleep. Today they have Bowie from Holland.
Tumle (Blue Berry's I'm Tumbling Around) was Beate's great love, but she had to say farewell to Tumle, when she got cancer seven years old.
Today Beates has Panda from our N-litter.
The rest of the dogs from the litter still live with the families, who took them home ten years ago: