The I-litter was three years old the 27th of February.
We celebrated that saturday by walking on the beach in Ishøj.
11 dogs and 15 people.
The dogs enjoyed playing, and we had a nice walk in the sunny but windy weather.
Unfortunately all of the I-litter were not able to join us.
Iris was in high season, but her family came without her.
Nanna and Victor were not able to come.
But the dogs were Molly (with little brother Leo), Fnuggi, Tumle and mother Moonie from the I-litter.
And others joined the party: The Dyrvig family from Fredericia came with Tobias (H-litter) and Me-Too. And Salvatore came with Alma and Rosa and two New Foundland dogs.
Rosa, Me-Too and Tobias. Molly happily in front of us all!
Moonie and Fnuggi. Tobias.
That's who we were on the I-litter 3 year-trip.
Lis with Fnuggi, Beate with Tumle and Peter with Molly from our I-litter. Mother Moonie is laying in front.
After the walk we went to our place in Herringløse and had a nice lunch, follow by a birthday-cake, which Beate (Tumle) made.
It was very nice to meet some of all of our friends again.
Misty would have loved to join the party, but didn't come for the walk, since it was too close to the time of birth for her litter, so she needed peace and rest.
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