Victor himself - in his own garden
The following saturday we drove off again. This time to Ærø - a small island sitiated in the middle of denmark between Sealand and Jutland.
Rain was pooring down as we went off, and we were not happy thinking about going for a visit with our four, wet old english sheepdogs.
But we had luck: As we approached Ærø the rain stopped and the sun was shining on a blue sky. We had a wonderfull weekend.
We and our dogs were bathing, they were playing with Victor in his garden and they all enjoyed relaxing in the shade of the big trees there.
Birte with our own four dogs in Ærøskøbing. Having a good time in the Falch family garden in Marstal.
The Falch family have an ancient beachcottage close to the beach in Ærøskøbing - the main town on the island Ærø. Everybody enjoyed bathing. Victor with granddad Magnus, Misty, grandma Meggie and mother Moonie.

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