Sunday Alonso took his first puppy-class at Malene in Sorgenfri.
All our dogs through the years have made the puppy-class, and most of them went in Sorgenfri. So it was nice to show up again with a puppy.
For Alonso the reunion with Toddi, Inca and three other puppies made him bark loudly. But of course he was beyond his Blue Berry pack.
While Malene taught about the lessons, Alonso barked. But soon he got calmer and better to concentrate on his job.
First they should to learn to say hello to the other dogs. This is Toddi.
Free at last - but in the lead. Here is Toddi and Inca.
Smells like somebody lost some goodies gere....Alsonso seems to think.
Alonso has to react to a CD. Later the CD will be placed far away and he should run out to where it is situated.
Come along to the grooming-night.
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