The coat is indeed growing on the puppies from our M-litter. That's the reason why we invited those who live close to us to come and have their dogs trimmed – and to let them play together!
Mulle and Mishka came, and they were really happy to meet again. Since the lawn was a bit wet of the morning mist, we started on the grooming table. The coat around the paws was cut, so there's no long coat dragging dirt around. Birte also cut the coat around the ears, to make them look smaller and nicer. And coat on the back of the body was cut. The final result was a more harmonic dog.
There are lots of knots in the coat at this age, because the coat is changing. So it takes many hours to groom. It should be a relief that one day the changing stops and the coat will be that of a grown dog. But right now it s hard work.
After the grooming it was time to play in our garden. The weather was very hot even though this is only the beginning of April, so we could sit outside to have a cup of coffee, while the dogs fooled around.
Our dogs were also let into the garden. Mother Maise should control her pups, while Alonso simply found it wonderful to have someone to play with.
Mishka on the grooming table, while Birte is trimming the paws.
Mishka on the table, Mulle on the floor.
Mulle is trimmed and ready.
Weather was nice, so we could sit outside.
Mishka and Mulle playing.
Mishka and Mulle.
Mishka and Mulle.
Alonso (right) though Mulle was really adorable.
Mishka and Mulle.
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