Misty -
blue-ribbon OES!
September the 13th we went to a show in Sofiero, Sweden.
Only seven OES's were entered - among them two danish, Rosa and our Misty. Judge was the allrounder P. Poduschka-Aigner from Austria.
Henriette was first to enter the ring, and she did well. She and dog Rosa had a 1. price and HP (price of honour).
Lene showed Misty, and even though we thought Misty was very lovely, the judge did not agree. Misty had a second and a blue ribbon.
Never mind! The weather was perfect and the lunch afterwards super! Lene made nice sandwiches and Herdis (who accompagnied us) brought deliciuous shrimps. What more to ask for? By the way Misty was the same wonderful dog with a super type to bring back home to Denmark! Can you beat that!
Best of breed was - well-deserved - Charlie, swedish Monika's wonderful dog - one of Misty's very good friends from over there! Congratulations, Monika and Charlie!
So we returned home and had all our dogs in the car to take them for a walk in the forrest. Something that Misty liked much more than being showed! And Moonie, Meggie, Magnus and Me-Too (who lives by us at the moment) enjoyed the walk very much. So did we - we found a lot of muchrooms in the forrest, while we enjoyed the hot late-summers sun.
Charlie was best of breed. Fully deserved. Congratulations to him and owner Monika.
Above Henriette with Rosa. Right: Lene showing Misty, and belov it is the austrian judge charming Misty...;-)

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