26th of July the danish OES Club had a barbeque-night in Hareskoven - a forest close to Copenhagen. 14 OES, two guest-dogs and 25 people enjoyed the lovely summernight. First we all went for a walk in the forest, where dogs without lead are allowed.
In the meantime the fire was ready for our beefsteaks, sausages and twisted bread. Everybody had brought tables and chairs, so we could eat our meal together.
The evening ended with Fly-Ball, Search and other doggy-games.
It was a succesfully arrangement - beacuse the weather was so good (in spite of the forecast) and because so many people and dogs joined in.
(Upper left) The children had a good time around the fireplace, while the grownups fighted not to drop their beefsteaks and sausages in the glooming and very hot charcoal.
(Upper right) Everybody brought chairs and tables so we all could sit together and eat and chat.
(Left) First the dogs had a free-of-lead walk in the forest. Finally it was time for Fly-Ball and Seek-games.

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