The other night the danish OES-club had the yearly barbeque-night in Hareskoven - a forest close to Copenhagen. We were very lucking, because here we met the two puppies from the I-litter that we did not meet at puppytraining the day before - that was Iris and Fnuggi.

We all had a nice evening. 25 people and 15 dogs enjoyed the late summers night with nearly no mosquitoes.

First we did a walk in the forest, and then we did the BBQ, while puppies were playing around and the grown up dogs watched for food at the tables!

Little Rosa on 12 weeks had a good time playing with the big puppies, while the eldest dogs our Meggie and Ninja on 9 years watched it all from a distance.

As mentioned, we enjoyed the night especially. We saw the two puppies from the I-litter - and this put together with our recent visits crosscountry and at the puppyclass it meant, that in a weeks time we had the luck to see alle seven I-litter puppies. Furthermore Søs and Poul came with Smilla and Me-Too and Sessa and Erwin with Dusty and Zorro - this means more puppies from earlier BlueBerry litters.

After dinner we all enjoyed Søs' backery, and finally there was some fun and joyfull work for the dogs.
Fnuggi had a good time during barbeque in the forest. Iris, Fnuggi and a third puppy played, while the rest of us were dining.

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