Nicklas seemed to like Henriette's puppy, Alma, very much.
Maundy Thursday we arranged a walk in Geel's Forest in Holte north of Copenhagen. What a pleasant surprise that so many joined. Poul with Smilla (Moonie's sister) live near by, so of course they came. We haven't seen the Gøttsche family with the dog Bowie for a while. They were on the spot! Winnie came with Alpha. Beate was there with Tumle. Henriette with puppy Alma. Sessa and Erwin with their dogs. We brought the "girls".
We went about for an hour or so, talked and enjoyed watching the dogs play or nosing around - and meeting other kind of dogs.
What a wonderfull day. We promised to make a follow up in a short while somewhere else.
Everybody had a good time in Geel's Forest. Poul (with the blue cap) has his daily walk in the forest and showed us where to go.
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