Left is Smilla, then Meggie and Magnus. Upper is Moonie who had to stay home because of season. But we thought she had to have her picture taken.
Five years ago today Meggie went around heavily breathing and digging big wholes in our garden. The wheater was exactly as hot as it was today. Meggie was about to give birth to her first litter - Kennel BlueBerrys G-litter. It was born the 24th of August 1997.
The first born puppy was Moonie, we kept her to ourselves.
Another of the puppies from the G-litter went to Søs and Poul north of Copenhagen - the puppy is named Smilla. The other day an invitation came to us: Smilla would like to see us to a walk in the forest and birthday-lunch at her place.
We had the special problkem that Moonie together with Misty was in season, so we couldn't bring them in the forest, where dogs are allowed to run free. Sad, beacuse it was her birthsday as well. But we brought mother Meggie and father to the G-litter, Magnus. Actually Magnus was in the need of a break away from our home and the two bitches in season.
We went for a wonderfull walk in the forest. Søs new a place with lots of blackberries. We had a good time picking them, while the dogs rested in the shade.
After that we went to Søs and Poul's place to have a super lunch. We humans had a very nice time, and the dogs of course had some extra goodies for birthday.
As we returned to our place, we had to give Moonie and Misty something extra nice as well; they had to feel it was 5 years birthday. Suppose they didn't care - as long as it was food.
And yes: Congratulations to you G-litter owners out there!
Søs giving fresh water to Smilla, Me-Too and Meggie. Magnus is watching a foreign dog approching in the blackberry-thicket.
Søs and Poul have picked lots of blackberries - and the dogs are waiting to walk further into the woods. Birte has found a good place to pick blackberries. Poul is heading for another good spot.

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