Since we and Liv & Torben from Kennel Sound Solution have sold puppies to people in Fredericia in Jylland, and we know there are many old english sheepdogs inm that area, we decided to arrange a day of grooming and fun.
We asked Tobias' (puppy from our H-litter) owner, Poul Erik if he knew a good place to stay.
And he did. We were invited to stay in the courtyard to hos office, which is situated in the center of Fredericia. Poul Erik then began creating posters for the day, he made it possible to cover the whole courtyard in case of rain, he managed chairs and tables from the inn near by etc.
13 old english sheepdogs and their families alle went to Fredericia - some of us came all the way from Copenhagen. The day started with grooming, fixing nails and eras etc. The 3 puppies had a good time playing and fooling around in the drinking-bowl.
Later on we went for a walk in the town. We made a stop at the ped-shop around the corner. They have heard the rumours going on: 13 sheepdogs in town! So they asked "Colud we have a picture taken?" . We all stood in line in front of the shop, and nearly made traficjam; everybody passing by wanted to get a glimse of what was happening.
Back in Poul Erik's office again we were ready to have lunch. Lone (Tonias' owner) has had a gingerbread-man made, since Dusty had just celebrated his two years birthday - as well as Dusty and Ib, his litter-brothers, who were present there also.
For the dogs we have created a "doggy-cake" made of dark and light bread, meatballs and paté. They all enjoyed it very much!
After that we did another grooming-session, and ended up with a little show-practice and some
practices in "go seek" and "leadership".
All of a sudden six hours had passed away. We cleaned the place up and prepared to go home.
During the grooming-time Poul Erik was away for a while. We all wondered why. The answer was delivered later on: All through the day his daughter Line had taken digital photoes of the arrangement. At the end Poul Erik had gathered alle the pictures in a little book, of which we all one as a presenet. Isn't that something!
Thankyou very, very much to the Dyrvig family (Lone, Poul Erik, Mia and Line & Tobias) for making this day perfect.
We enjoyed meeting all the old english sheepdogs, but for us - of course - the must fun was seing Dusty, Ib and Tobias again.
Lone did the first cut in Tobias 2-years birthsday-cake.
(Above) Ib, big dog from our H-litter.

(Right) Liza bathing in the drinking-tub.

Time for a walk in the streets of Fredericia - and for at picture-shooting in front of the pet-shop.

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