Fredericia - the town by the waters of Lillebælt - was the place for our indian summers walk 23th of August.
Lone and Poul-Erik with Tobias (from our H-litter), welcomed us all - 11 OES's and just as many people.
First we went to have our picture taken in front of the local petshop, Wildlife.
The owner welcomed us in the shop, and the dogs met both birds, fish, mice, rats and more exotic animals as snakes and Marius the lizard - he was shown to us all sitting on the shoulder of his owner.
(Left) Standing in a row in front of the local petshop. The reward was a huge bag of dogs food - one for every dog.
Then we all went for a walk at the remparts surrounding Fredericia. We went to the beach, and many of the dogs had a swim in the cool water.
The walk was nice, and afterwards we returned and had lunch in a small park in the town.
Joining the trip was Eef and Rita ter Mors from Kennel Vigilats, Holland. Eef and Rita and their two dogs participated in the Fyn-show the week before, and they decided to stay one more week in Denmark.
More of the dogs on the trip had to go to a forthcoming show in Jutland, so we asked Eef if he would teach us some tips and tricks in show-grooming and handling,
It became some very instructive hours in grooming and at last show-handling on the lawn. Above is our Misty (left) and then Tumle (our I-litter).
Then the rain sat in, and we all found shelter in the gateway under the ramparts. So we enjoyed coffee, while Eef tought us all he knew in grooming and handling the scissors. People passing by were very interested as well!
Rita and Eef with Angel and Tomte Tummetodd (above).
Left: Eef teaching show-handling.
Rita ter Mors with the doggies while Eef teaches show-handling. Lone and Poul-Erik Dyrvig, who arranged the Fredericia-day - and Tobias upsidedown!
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