Maise and Alonso with Birte in front of the arena in Verona. More about the trip to Italy on the next pages.
This year’s summer holiday went to Italy and The South Of France. But first we had to bring Misty to Tåsinge, where she should stay with Bodil and Einar who have Victor from the I-litter and Misty’s son, Lunte, from the J-litter.
The next day we took Alonso and Maise in the car and drove many miles through Germany to the hotel Skt. Kastl. Johnny Nielsen had recommended the Gasthaus, which is situated close to Munich. It was situated in the forest, and it was great to get away from the noisy highway over the night. It was a great, dog-friendly hotel.
We stayed the night over, and in the evening we went to the seaside.
Victor and Lunte enjoy the water, while our dogs like to play in the water but are not really swimmers. But Bodil managed to get Alonso out where he should swim for the first time, and he really enjoyed it.
Next day we headed for Italy.
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Misty and Alonso in the sea.
Victor and Lunte about to go for a walk!
Victor really likes to take a swim!
Maise and Alonso.
Einar with Victor.
Bodil got Alonso on deep water, while Misty is watching.
Birte with Alonso and Maise in front of the nice hotel north of Munich.
You could finde the hotel here.