The 20th of January Foxy had her third certificate on the show in Sandefjord, Norway. Since Foxy also has a danish certificate from the danish christmasshow, she is now “Norwegian and danish champion”.
Foxy – Lykkegårdens Highlight 2005 – came to norwegian Hanne and Vidar, who live in Sweden close to the Norway-border, a year ago after Winnie Klarlund passed away.
After the judging and before the group-competition Foxy, Hanne and Vidar went to see the family Agerup from Kennel Old Dream, who own Foxy’s sister, Lucky.
Here they were celebrated with balloons, cake and other things.
From us in Kennel Blue Berry there’s a big congratulations with the championship.
Hanne in the ring with Foxy.
Hanne gives Foxy a big hug.

All photos are taken by Ina Agerup.
Thanks for borrowing!
Cake for the humans - what's for Foxy?
Foxy - proud winner of the danish-norwegian championship.
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