While waiting for Misty's puppies to be born, we have spent some time in London without our own dogs.
We stayed at Lyn and Ray of Kennel Wookeymill just outside London. They have four bobtails, the eldest being 13 years of age.
It was wonderfull to see the old lady jumping around, happy to play football. The youngest bobtail in the house is a beautiful, two years old bitch. She has done very well at shows already, and only needs one ticket.
Birte foran Tower Bridge i London.
We also had the great pleasure of seeing Misty's breeders, Sue and Roger, who made the four hour long drive to come and visit us. We had a great evening all together.
The rest of the days were spent discovering London - but that's another story, including no dogs what so ever!
Upper left clockwise it is Blade 7 years, Fleece 10, Elly 13, and Eveie 2,
Ray and Lyn together with their four lovely Bobtails.
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